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Blog | Farewell Gifts - Are You Farewelling Staff When They Leave?

Farewell Gifts - Are You Farewelling Staff When They Leave?

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Farewell Gifts - Are You Farewelling Staff When They Leave?

How do you say goodbye when a trusted and valued member of your staff leaves your company?As this is a transition phase for both of you, you'll want to be sure and follow proper etiquette when showing your appreciation and honoring their service.

A farewell party is a great way to make the parting a smooth one. The staff member has been an essential part of your team, after all, and this is a great way to show them how much they meant to you. They'll know that they were appreciated, and it'll make the parting easier for everyone.

Deciding to throw a party is the first step. However, the next part can be a little tough. What do you give them as a farewell gift?

Choosing a Farewell Gift

There's one sure thing that everyone loves to receive, and that is a luxurious gift hamper, such as the ones you will find on Gift hampers can be filled with a variety of goodies. Each situation is different, so you'll want to be sure to select a hamper that fits.

When deciding on what type of hamper to present as a farewell gift, you'll have to consider a few things:

  • What kind of mindset do you want the staff member to leave the job with? Do you want them to feel as though they were valued as an employee? Do you want them to have a positive view of your company/brand?
  • What kind of gift do you give if someone has worked there for 25 years?
  • What kind of gift do you give if someone has only worked there for 6 months?
  • What kind of gift should you give someone who is leaving to have a baby/parental leave?
  • What to gift when a staff member is leaving to move overseas or to travel?

One thing's certain - no matter how long they've been there, you want them to leave with a good image of your company. A thoughtful gift hamper will ensure that. Decide on a dollar value that will be appropriate depending on how long or what role the staff member played in your business. A gift hamper based on a travel or baby theme is appropriate for someone leaving due to one of these reasons.

Gift Hampers

Pamper Hamper Gifts has a wide variety of hampers to fit any situation. The handy tabs at the top let you click through different occasions. To narrow the selection down even more, all you do is type in a search term at the top, such as 'farewell', and it will take you to a selection of hampers that have been premade with all of the right items:

A great idea for someone who is leaving and will be travelling, for instance, would be The Best Ever Travel Farewell Hamper. This hamper is full of everything they need for an extended trip, including a comfortable neck support pillow. Adding additional items can customize your hamper even more.

Other hampers can also be used as farewell hampers, such as one that is specifically created for a woman or a man. These are especially nice if it contains something that speaks to them personally. A great example of this would be if you have a female employee who prefers to drink tea rather than coffee on their breaks. She'd find it touching to receive a hamper such as the Just Because Luxury Tea Hamper.

Whether it is a farewell or not, gift hampers are the perfect corporate gift ideas. Keep that in mind when searching for luxury gifts for your bosses or co-workers.


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