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Blog | Christmas is coming and our gift hampers will be perfect !

Christmas is coming and our gift hampers will be perfect !

Posted in Gift Hamper News   |  By Bianca Kristallis


Yeah yeah I know I know… some of you are rolling your eyes and wondering why I’ve brought this up so early.

Well I have a bit of a newsflash for you all… CHRISTMAS ISN’T THAT FAR AWAY - 8 WEEKS!

Here at Pamper Hamper Gifts HQ preparations for what is arguably our busiest time of year began aaaaages ago – we are developing and devising brand new Christmas hampers, taking on some exciting new brands and gearing up for the most manic and busy and exhilarating time for anyone in the gift hamper industry.


Forget the traditional red green and white, tacky tinsel and curling ribbons or cane basket hampers wrapped in hideous cellophane.  None of that here. We still want Christmas and your festive gift giving experience to be stylish, luxurious and memorable.  We want to make it as effortless and economical as possible, cutting out the stress of shopping centres, the fuss of wrapping and all the commotion associated with Christmas gift giving.


We can make it all a lot easier- if you just stay tuned and heed our advice.  This won’t be the only time we post on our blog about Christmas, but we hope that the advice and tips we give you will help the rocky road to December 25 be a little smoother.

Its still October but you can get ahead of the game with these tips in mind from the gals at Pamper Hamper Gifts:


  • Sounds obvious but write a definitive list of who you need to buy for this year.  Perhaps even rank the people in order of ‘biggest pressie” to little gift.  Have the list handy and on your person – sometimes you remember people and things at the weirdest times.  Hey, if its good enough for Santa, its good enough for me!

 Happy, Healthy & Merry Christmas Hamper


  • Perhaps set some ground rules regarding gift giving.  Some people only buy for children or immediate nuclear family.  Others love to give edible gifts while many like to pour over options and study each individual personality and recipient in search of the perfect gift.  Set aside some time ASAP to log on to and bookmark some options. This forward planning helps you to stick to a budget and avoids the last minute stressful and regretful trips to the shops

 Happy New Year Corporate Gift hamper

 NOW is the time to start thinking about corporate and personalised orders.  If you run a business or are an EA or PA responsible for gifts for employees or clients, we are experienced at large custom corporate orders and have dealt with an impressive range of companies and requests.  We can add logos, personal details and any other specific touches to your gift orders.  No request is too big or too small. 

  • If in doubt (or if you want to just cut to the chase and make everyone happy) buy a wad of Pamper Hamper Gifts Gift Certificates.  You can’t go wrong with this option as the happy recipient will be able to choose themselves from the unreal range on offer.  Theres no way they won’t find something they absolutely love!

OK… that’s enough Christmas scare mongering for now… we are off to photograph and post up online our newest hampers – ready and waiting for Christmas!

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