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What Is The Etiquette for End of Year Gifting?

Posted in Gift Hamper News   |  By PHG Content 2012

Gift giving is an integral part of our year-end celebrations. Friends and family, co-workers and acquaintances, at Christmas and during the New Year celebrations, the idea of giving these important people something to show that you are thinking of them will most certainly come up.

But what to give? There is so much choice, and yet many gifts are just the same old things, given every year, with only the slightest of variations. And before you can even get to the present choosing stage, the list of who to give something to needs to be created. That, too, is a minefield of difficulties and possibilities.

To Whom?

Individuals often have it easier than businesses when it comes to end of year gift giving. Family members go on the list, so do close friends. And for a while that’s it. But once you have children, there is a lot more to it. Teachers need to be considered, other children at school, other children’s parents if you talk to them in the parking lot or chat to them during sporting fixtures.

Corporate gifts can also cause some confusion. Big clients certainly require some kind of a thank you – but what about smaller ones? Newer ones? What is the etiquette when it comes to this sector? You don’t want to look desperate or pushy, but neither do you want to commit a faux pas and miss someone out when you ought to have given them something…

What to do?

It can be difficult to judge this element of gifting, and it is often better to buy too much than too little. For the parents at school, you can keep small gifts in the boot of your car, ready to give if you are handed something unexpectedly. The same goes for corporate gifts. In business, however, you may wish to err on the side of caution and buy every client something special. That way you won’t upset anyone going into the new year!

For The Gourmets

Once you have your list of who you want to give an end of year gift to, once you have decided who deserves something special, who should be rewarded for their hard work, which of your friends and family members you want to see smile, the next step is to choose the gift.

The solution is simple. A hamper is the ideal gift because there is one that suits anyone and everyone, and every occasion. And to find the ideal hamper for someone, you simply need to think about what it is they love. Chocolate is a great example. Everyone knows someone who loves their chocolate, in all forms. Whoever that is, our Donna Hay Chocolate Hamper could be exactly what they need. Full of rich chocolate treats as well as a gorgeous cookbook by Donna Hay, your loved ones and friends can truly indulge their passion for all things sweet.

Donna Hay Chocolate Hamper

Do you know someone who prefers the savoury side of gourmet food? Again, not a problem. Our Fine Food Delicacies Luxury Gourmet Hamper with its Maggie Beer extra virgin olive oil, Mount Zero kalamata olives, and Morpeth sourdough grissini sticks is a stunning gift for any occasion.

Fine Food Delicacies Gourmet Hamper

For The Chefs

For many people, cooking is a relaxing past time and receiving recipe books is always a joy. Why not add to that joy be giving one of our recipe hampers instead? Not only will your chosen recipient receive exactly the kind of book that they love, but they’ll also get some of the finest ingredients as well, so they can start creating in the kitchen straight away. The Beauty Chef Organic Care Package, the Manu Feildel French for Everyone Gourmet Food Hamper, or The Neil Perry Easy Weekends Gourmet Hamper would do very nicely indeed.

The Beauty Chef Organic Care Package

Manu Feildel French For Everyone Gourmet Food Hamper

The Neil Perry Easy Weekends Gourmet Hamper

For The Corporates

Gift giving in business is as much about politics as it is about genuinely liking the person you are offering something to, and with that in mind, it’s good to choose wisely. Giving a luxury hamper always goes down well, and will ensure that you and your business are remembered well into the new year. Plus, picking a gorgeous hamper filled with high-end treats means you don’t even have to know the person you are giving it to all that well – everyone loves good food and good wine, don’t they? So for those important clients, why not try our Penfolds Bin 128 Corporate Box Savoury Hamper, the Riedel and Logan Apple Tree Flat Wine Hamper, or even the Dom Perignon, Fruits, Nuts & Chocolates?

Penfolds Bin 128 Corporate Box Savoury Hamper

The Riedel and Logan Apple Tree Flat Wine Hamper

Dom Perignon, Fruits, Nuts & Chocolates

For The Fashionistas

Trying to buy a gorgeous gift for someone who is really into their fashion is a thankless task. If you don’t know clothes like they do, you might get them entirely the wrong thing, and no one wants to do that. So you can either study fashion for hours and hours (days and days, months and months…) in an effort to make sure you don’t get it horribly wrong, and then purchase something that will be out of fashion again in an instant, or you can find the perfect fashion orientated hamper such as the immaculate Find Your Style with Karl Lagerfeld and Glasshouse Hamper which includes a Glasshouse Manhattan Little Black Dress triple scented candle and the ‘Where’s Karl?’ hardcover book, or the Coco Chanel and Glasshouse Gardenia Pamper Hamper.

Find You Style With Karl Lagerfeld and Glasshouse Hamper

Coco Chanel and Glasshouse Gardenia Pamper Hamper


Yes, it’s nearing the end of the year, but that means you can begin to bask in warmer climes as we near summer! Our range of fantastic summer hampers are the ideal gift for anyone likely to be revelling in the suns rays, which is most of us I’m sure! We have a wide range of different Missoni towel hampers  that can be bought to suit the taste of the recipient such as the Glasshouse Beverly Hills & Missoni Pamper Hamper. Plus we have the BBQ Ready Gourmet Hamper so that even a staycation can be extra special.

Glasshouse Beverly Hills and Missoni Pamper Hamper

BBQ Ready Gourmet Hamper

Christmas Time

And finally, the biggest gift-giving event at the end of every year has to be Christmas. Christmas hampers are always a treat and can turn a standard Yuletide into a festive season full of the best of the best. The great news is, our Christmas hampers can be ordered at any time throughout the year, and we’ll deliver them nearer to the big day itself. Or you can choose exactly what you want to include by customising your own bespoke hamper – it’s the thought, and the gift, that counts.

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