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Christmas is coming and our gift hampers will be perfect !

Comments  |   Posted in Gift Hamper News   |  By Bianca Kristallis

CHRISTMAS IS COMING! - Yeah yeah I know I know… some of you are rolling your eyes and wondering why I’ve brought this up so early.

Well I have a bit of a newsflash for you all… CHRISTMAS ISN’T THAT FAR AWAY - 8 WEEKS!

Here at Pamper Hamper Gifts HQ preparations for what is arguably our busiest time of year began aaaaages ago – we are developing and devising brand new Christmas hampers, taking on some exciting new brands and gearing up for the most manic and busy and exhilarating time for anyone in the gift hamper industry.

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Father's Day Celebration at Pamper Hamper Gifts

Comments  |   Posted in Gift Hamper News   |  By Bianca Kristallis

Father's Day is a celebration honouring fathers and celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers in society. Many countries celebrate it on the third Sunday of June, but in Australia we celebrate our dads, grandpas, uncles, godfathers etc on the first Sunday of September. Father's Day was created to complement Mother's Day, a celebration that honours mothers and motherhood

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Mum's Gifts are Covered at Pamper Hamper Gifts

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Do not fret.  Do not despair.
It may be perilously close to Mothers Day and you may be clueless as to what you’re going to get the mamas in your life, but fear not.  We have every type of mum covered at Pamper Hamper Gifts!
Flowers are lovely sure, and slippers are practical, but don’t you want to wow your mum? Don’t you want to let her know in no uncertain terms just how grateful you are for her support, her love and to let her know how much she means to you?

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Pamper Hamper Gifts and our Glasshouse Gift Hampers

Comments  |   Posted in Gift Hamper News   |  By Bianca Kristallis

Here at Pamper Hamper Gifts we pride ourselves on having the most luxurious gift hampers on the market.  This means that we are constantly sourcing the most prestigious and beautiful pampering products for our hampers.  A staple at Pamper Hamper Gifts for years have been the range from Glasshouse Fragrances- not only are they favourites of ours, but they are simply the perfect complimentary gift inclusion in our hampers and pamper hamper’s- suiting any occasion and giving pizzazz and glamour to every recipient.

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Logan Wines and Our Gift Hampers

Comments  |   Posted in Gift Hamper News   |  By Bianca Kristallis

Pamper Hamper Gifts are proud stockists of LOGAN WINES.  A number of our luxury gift hampers feature bottles from this amazing Australian vineyard… 

Whether white is your thing, if you’re more a fan of red or prefer something sparkling, there is a Logan drop to suit every vino drinker. 

From the gorgeous parts of the world – Orange and Mudgee, Logan Wines have gained a reputation as premium quality wine growers.  Much like Pamper Hamper Gifts! We have established a reputation as a premium hamper and gift company!

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Gift Vouchers / Gift Certificates

Comments  |   Posted in Gift Hamper News   |  By Bianca Kristallis

The paradox of gifts:  I know what I have given you. I do not know what you have received.  ~Dr. SunWolf

If there’s one thing we know about, its gifts.  Choosing, giving, wrapping and sending- anything to do with gifts, we are on to it. 

Truth be told, we reckon we are pretty good at it too.  We’re pretty spot on at sussing out what you want, what you like, how you’d like to receive it- and have studied the art and science of gift giving in great detail.

BUT, there are still those situations, those times when a good old gift voucher is the still best option.  Nothing wrong with putting the decision in the hands of the receiver!

The US National Retail Federation has conducted the same survey for 5 years in a row now and gift certificates have been the top items on consumers lists every year. Can’t say we are that surprised.

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Our Gift Hamper Boxes

Comments  |   Posted in Gift Hamper News 2010 2011 Awards New Hampers   |  By Bianca Kristallis

If you have been lucky enough to receive a luxury hamper gift from us here at Pamper Hamper Gifts, you will no doubt be familiar with our signature black and white hamper box.

Synonymous with top quality and top of the range products and gifting ideas, the black and white Pamper Hamper Gifts premium box has been especially designed with our discerning customers in mind.

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Gift Baskets Vs Gift Hampers

Comments  |   Posted in Gift Hamper News   |  By Bianca Kristallis

Gift Baskets were once the gift of choice for many corporate and personal occasions but like fashion trends, the gift basket industry has undergone some dramatic changes in recent years.

No longer is saying ʻThankyouʼ, ʻCongratulationsʼ or ʻI love youʼ a difficult, and tiresome experience filled with boring gift choices. The old idea of the gift basket is now represented by the more impressive and luxurious ʻGift Hamperʼ.

The difference between a traditional Gift Basket and the "new" Gift Hamper.

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  • Missoni Home
  • Vera Wang
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There is something really exciting about having an unexpected gift hamper arrive on your doorstep in time for Christmas, on your desk at work on your birthday or to your hospital bed while you are receiving medical care.

The thrill of unpacking layer upon layer of delicious food and drink or indulgent beauty products not knowing what you’ll find next and not wanting it to end, well that’s why we do what we do!


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