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What is the purpose of Gifting?

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What is the purpose of Gifting?

At Pamper Hamper Gifts we have a purpose! Our purpose is to deliver luxury gift hampers to our customers throughout Australia. The practice of exchanging or giving gifts is a time-honored way for people to show respect, friendship and love. Considering the important role gifting plays in our society, our loyal customers trust us at Pamper Hamper Gifts to provide memorable and meaningful gifting moments that will be loved by all.

So what is the purpose of gifting? Why do we gift? Is it for thanks? To feel good about ourselves? Does it give us a sense of purpose?

Gift-Giving in The Animal Kingdom

The tradition of gifting is arguably one of the oldest traditions there is. In fact, gift giving isn’t even exclusive to humans. Gifting can be seen across the animal kingdom. Not only do our closest relatives—primates and apes—engage in gift giving, but think about the last time your house cat presented you with the “honorable” gift of that freshly caught mouse! Even the lowly spider has been known to give gifts to potential mates. In fact, a male spider without much to offer will wrap his meager offerings in silk in order to make them look better.

An Age-Old Tradition

In humans, the giving of a gift is a gesture which dates back to our earliest ancestors. In early human communities, men who could best provide for a female were more likely to find a mate. Gifting a female extra bits of food or useful objects bettered a male’s odds of creating a family. Over time, gift giving became a symbol of prestige. If you had enough to provide for yourself and also give lavish gifts, you must be very important indeed! For example, throughout time, cultures around the world have followed the tradition of gifting dowries on the occasion of weddings. A higher status family might be expected to offer a higher value dowry for the privilege of marrying into the family.

Gift-Giving All Over the World

Naturally, gift giving also became connected to friendship, respect and love as well. Nations might gift other nations items which represent their cultures or their wealth in order to solidify good relations. For example, as a mark of their friendship, France presented the United States with one especially famous gift—the Statue of Liberty—to celebrate 100 years of independence. China is famous for it’s “panda diplomacy” in which the government gives the gift of pandas to other nations as a gesture of cooperation. And more recently, US President Barack Obama was gifted crocodile insurance during a visit to Australia as a token of Australian concern for his well-being while visiting a particularly croc infested region!

Myths and Legends

Of course, we most often associate gifts with love. According to tale, King Nebuchadnezzar II loved his wife, Queen Amytis, so much that he built the famed Hanging Gardens of Babylon as a gift to ease her homesickness. Other legends tell of the famous romance between India’s Bajirao and his beloved Mastani, to whom he gifted a beautiful palace. And let’s not forget Marc Antony, who gave his Cleopatra quite the wedding gift—all of the Middle East! Today we are still gifting, however, fear not! You don’t need to give your sweetheart entire palaces or territories! These days, gifting has never been easier.

Gift Hampers from Pamper Hamper Gifts

Modern technology allows us to send gifts for every occasion, and even “just because,” all at the click of a button. Gone are the days of desperately seeking gift ideas. Whether you are looking for Christmas gifts, Birthday gifts, Valentine’s treats, or a little something for Mother’s or Father’s Day, you can find gift hampers to meet every need, to ship hassle-free direct to the recipient.

At Pamper Hamper Gifts, you can find something for everyone. Wondering what to get the unregistered bride for an upcoming wedding? Pamper Hamper Gifts has a great selection of luxury hampers sure to make her feel special. What about the obligatory work gift exchange with that boss you just can’t read? Or a Thank You Gift for your neighbour who fed your cat while you went on holiday? Yep, Pamper Hamper Gifts has just the thing!

So, whether your goal is securing status, showing prestige, solidifying diplomacy or just plain love and friendship, skip the pandas and the crocodile insurance and go for a much safer bet: Pamper Hamper Gifts!

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