PHG Rewards, Gifts & Loyalty Benefits for Our Registered Customers


Thank you for being our loyal customer. We are pleased to offer our registered customers, the following benefits:






If you are a registered, returning customer, don't forget to fill in your birth date in your account area! A gift from us may arrive in your inbox on your birthday.


PHG discounts are exclusive to our Registered Customers which automatically entitles you to a percentage discount on gift hamper purchases (same day delivery & PO Box delivery costs are not included).

Discount details are:

First 5 purchases - 5% Discount

Purchases thereafter - 8% Discount


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PHG Rewards Terms and Conditions:

Pamper Hamper Gifts reserves the right to modify and / or discontinue any or all of the customer offers and benefits mentioned in this page at our discretion and without notice.

For customers to be eligible for the PHG Rewards Program, they will need to have registered an online account at and place their orders through the online account. The PHG Rewards Program is automatically activated upon creation of a PHG online account.

The customer must be logged into to be able to receive discounts. Discounts are automatically applied at the checkout. It is the customer's responsibility to be logged in properly and to make purchases count under the desired account (account associated with customer's username and password).

Discounts do not apply to shipping costs if these are incurred due to the customer selecting an alternate shipping method to our free premium delivery.

Where a customer has failed to purchase under the customer's login account, we cannot apply discounts retrospectively once the purchase has been sent out for delivery. Where a customer alerts us of the mistake (that is, purchasing without registering or having logged in) by contacting us prior to their gift being dispatched, we may agree to re-process the order in order for the PHG Rewards to apply. This is done at our discretion.

Contents of bonus gifts (including types and flavours of items) are at the discretion of PHG as dictated by or according to stock availability.

Birthday Gifts cannot be exchanged for cash or shopping credit, and the benefit is only available at Pamper Hamper Gifts for our registered customers with an annual spend in excess of $1,500. It is the customer's responsibility to be able to receive the gift: (1) by making sure email correspondences from us are not sent to Junk mailbox; and (2) by ideally being able to receive HTML-based emails from us, so that email-based gifts sent to your inbox are properly viewable. Where the customer has experienced a problem receiving our gift via email, please let us know, and we will discuss a re-issue of the gift at our discretion.

For Prize Draws, Promotions and Offers, strictly one competition entry per customer per event, and strictly one bonus gift per customer per event. Giveaway gifts, prizes or bonus gifts cannot be exchanged for cash or shopping credit.

Prizes and gifts are either couriered or posted to a desired Australian address at no charge. Prizes and gifts cannot be delivered to a P.O. Box. We have the right to get you your prize within 10 days of winning.

We reserve the right to change giveaways and prizes at any time during the events, should circumstances and stock situations force us to do so. There will be no compensations for winning a different item; no refund or exchange will be available to the winning customer.

Event-specific disclaimers are available on the social media channel and/or at the place of the event during the event period.

Should we find abuse of our Prize Draws, Promotions and Offers in anyway (such as one person participating pretending to be multiple different entrants), we reserve the right to exclude the entrant immediately from all current and future events.

It is the winner's responsibility to be available to receive and/or collect gifts/prizes. Especially for giveaway and prize draw winners via social media, it is the winner's responsibility to provide correct details for the prize to be safely delivered to the correct person and destination. We are not responsible for lost prize wins; and lost prizes will not be replaced.