Christmas Party Game and Gift Ideas That Are Fun

Christmas Party Game Ideas That Are Fun

Whether it's for Christmas in July, or when Santa really comes in December, once the Christmas gifts have been handed out, and Christmas lunch festivities are over, why not keep the kids busy with some Christmas party games. Every Christmas party needs lots of laughter and festive cheer to make it a huge success. Christmas party games not only make these gatherings more fun, they’re a great way to make new friends or grow closer together. Whether you’re hosting for a few of your friends or a large group of colleagues, here are some fun Christmas games to make your party a hit. 

  • Jingle Bell Shake

  • This is one of the best party games for Christmas to get your guests, kids and adults alike, moving. Poke two holes at the opposite ends of a tissue box and weave a ribbon through it. Fill the tissue box with 10 bells and tie it around the participant’s waist with the box behind him. The player will dance to a song and whoever dances out the most bells from the box is the winner.

  • Santa Belly Bust

  • Have all players place a large balloon under their shirt. With hands behind their backs, they’ll need to pop the balloon. The remaining person with a big belly becomes Santa. Have him wear a Santa hat and a beard then take a picture. This is a family-friendly game for all ages that will surely get some laughs.

  • Santa’s Best Helper
  • Prepare a lot of empty presents that are about the same size. The players will take turns carrying as many presents as they can and then walk across the room. Give points based on how many presents they were able to get across the room. Whoever has the highest points is Santa’s best helper.                                               

    You can make this into one of your team-based office Christmas games by turning it into a relay where the next team member carries the presents back to point A and the next team member to point B. At the end of the game, whichever team has the highest number of remaining presents, wins.

  • Snowball Fight

  • Inflate 30 to 40 white balloons. Using a masking tape, draw a line across the center of the room. Draw two more lines, 3 feet away from each side of the line in the center. Each team will stand on each side of the two lines with 15 to 20 balloons each. They cannot cross this during the game.

    To play the game, they’ll have to throw the “snowballs” to the enemy team’s side. Whoever has the least “snowballs” after a minute wins the round. The team that wins 5 or 7 rounds first gets the prize.

  • Gift Wrap Game

  • Prepare some empty boxes of the same size, gift wrappers, tape, and scissors. Divide your game participants into pairs and have them help each other wrap the gift. The pair with the fastest finishing time wins. The catch? Each person can only use one hand!

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