Corporate Gifting This Christmas

Corporate Gifting This Christmas

Christmas is getting ever nearer, and that means that you should be starting to think about what to gift your corporate clients. It’s never too early to be prepared and when it comes to business relationships, giving something that screams luxury and shows that you appreciate the client in question is always worth every penny.

It works well when you decide to choose something that fits each client personally, yet buying in bulk is the most cost-effective way to help your business’s bottom line. Is it possible to do both? To have both a bespoke gift, yet still be able to buy a number of them (all different) in order to save your company money?

Actually, yes, it is. Bespoke hampers are the ideal gift to give your corporate clients at Christmas. After all, there are so many different types of hamper to choose from. If you know the person well, you can choose something that suits their taste and style. If you don’t know them at all, you can still choose a hamper, just make it one filled with lots of different lovely things.

Your Close Colleagues

Many people love to give their work colleagues a gift at Christmas. These are the people you spend most of your time with, and you probably know them pretty well. Because of this, you can easily find a hamper to suit them and their past times. Do they love to golf? There’s a Mr Golfer & Johnie Walker Men’s Hamper that’s just right for them, filled with a bottle of excellent Johnie Walker Black Label Blended Scotch Whisky, a book on the 50 best places to play golf before you die, and a luxurious Charles + Lee toiletry bag amongst other things. Or how about something for the tea lover in your office? How about the beautiful Rest and Relaxation Hamper? This includes everything your business associate will need for their own luxurious, comforting pamper time.  


Your Corporate Contacts

Knowing exactly what your corporate clients like when it comes to their personal lives may not be possible. If you don’t spend time with them in a downtime capacity, and you only talk about work and business, understanding their preferences isn’t something that tends to come up. But you don’t have to buy them a dull, off the shelf gift. You can still give a wonderful gift hamper filled with great products. Items such as wine and chocolate (items like this can be found in the Moet & Chandon & Box of Chocolates hamper), whiskey (as in the Glenfiddich 12 Year Single Malt Scotch Whisky with Fudge Gift Hamper), or even champagne (the G.H.Mumm Champagne & Fudge Hamper) always make an excellent corporate gift


Female Gifts

A gift for a female work colleague or corporate client can be both feminine and work appropriate. Hampers are the best of both worlds, as they can be filled with exactly the right combination of pampering and professional. The Glasshouse Kyoto in Bloom Treat Pamper Hamper, for example, comes with Glasshouse Kyoto in Bloom Triple Scented Soy Candle, Glasshouse Kyoto in Bloom Shower Gel and Glasshouse Kyoto in Bloom Body Lotion. Or you might prefer  The Princess Kate Luxury Gift Hamper which is a hamper containing 100% White Micro plush Bathrobe (One Size Fits All, 5-star hotel quality), Whispering Angel Rose, Glasshouse Marseille Memoir Hand Cream and Random Harvest Assorted Fudge.


Male Gifts

Again, getting the balance right when it comes to Christmas gifting for a male associate can be difficult – but ordering a hamper stuffed full of luxury pampering items for a man to enjoy is the easy way to do it. And there are so many to choose from too, so perhaps the Mr Metro Pamper Hamper with its microplush robe, Charles + Lee toiletry bag and a few of Random Harvest’s treats?


Big and Bold

Some corporate clients need something rather special. Whether they spent a lot of money with you in the past year, or whether they are planning to do so in the year yet to come, you will want to treat them well. That’s where a Pamper Hamper that is big, bold, and filled to the brim with goodies. One of the best of these has to be the Gourmet Foodie Hamper, which contains a range of goodies from the brand Random Harvest packed all into a hamper, just right for giving to someone very important. Or what about the Hunter Valley Shiraz Luxury Hamper? This contains Random Harvest gourmet condiments and treats along with a bottle of Pepper Tree Hunter Valley Red Wine. 


Small and Beautiful 

For startups, smaller businesses, and companies with a tight bottom line, it is still possible to organise a perfect hamper on a budget – often for less than $100. Pamper Hampers have a great range of ‘budget’ (budget in price, but not in looks or content) items that you can give to clients or even your employees. One great example of a budget hamper is the Baileys Irish Cream Gift Hamper.


Working Together

At Pamper Hamper HQ, you can even speak to the knowledgeable staff and they can work out exactly what the best thing to fill your gorgeous hamper would be. By liaising with the company in question, Pamper Hamper can create the most stunning custom hamper to give as a corporate Christmas gift; it’s something that will keep your business in the recipient’s mind all year long. Simply tell us what you want to include, and we will send you a list of what we recommend. It’s that easy.


Contact us on 1300 038 490 with any question you might have, or to let us know your ideas for a bespoke hamper and we will work with you to organise the ideal gift for those special clients, employees, or friends and loved ones. Let us do the hard work, and you get all the praise.


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