experiences for mothers day

Experience Gifts For Mums Of Every Age

If you're stuck trying to choose the perfect gift for mum this Mother’s Day, instead of a material gift, how about gifting your mum an experience she will cherish forever? Whether you find a Not only will you be able to strengthen your bonds with your mum with memorable experiences,You’ll be able to relive the experience with your mum as well each time you talk about it.

So, whether you’re looking for Mother’s Day gifts for your mum, wife, aunt, grandmother, or motherly figure, here are some ideas for experience gifts that will surely make her happy.

Top 5 Experience Gifts For Mums This Mothers Day

1. Luxury Mothers Day Picnic

A luxury picnic is one of the easiest experience gifts you can give your mum. Plus, if your mum is frail or doesn’t like traveling too far, you can easily have a picnic in a nearby park or even in your backyard. Just prepare some activities like some books to read or some drawing materials. Don’t forget your food gifts for mum too like Mother’s Day gift hampers with gourmet foods that are perfectf or picnics.

2. Cooking Class Together Or Solo

If your mum has a cuisine that she wants to learn, you can sign her up for a cooking class. You can choose from virtual and physical ones and classes that only take a few hours or several weekends. There are also mother-daughter and family cooking classes which are great as a bonding experience.

3. Share A Scenic Train Trip With Your Mum

Take your mum on a scenic train ride and enjoy the sweeping views of the countryside and the rainforest. These trips usually offer food featuring local produce and specialty dishes though you can also bring your own. You’ll pass by lots of picturesque scenery so make sure you have your camera ready.

4. Wine Tasting Or Winery Tours For Mothers Day

A wine tasting is perhaps one of the best experience gifts for foodie mums who love wine. She’ll be able to walk through the winery, enjoy the views, learn about its history, and taste wine that she won’t find in your average supermarket. If you live too far, some wineries also offer virtual wine tasting events where they send you the kit in advance.

You can also try creating your own wine tasting event at home by getting several bottles of wine for you and your mum to try. In this case, you should definitely check out our luxury wine hampers for mum with wines by Pepper Tree from the NSW Hunter Valley, or world class Champagne brands like Moet.

5. National Park Tour

If your mum loves the great outdoors, an adventure in one of Australia’s National Parks is the perfect experience for her this Mother’s Day. Depending on which tour you choose, you’ll be able to enjoy activities like camping, hiking, trekking, and even shark cage diving with your mum. A great gift ideas for sons and mums to share together, but of course, the entire family will enjoy some time out in the great outdoors, and we're sure mum will love time out from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Whatever it is you choose to do with your mum this Mother's Day, just try to soak in the moments and quiet time together. She really is worth slowing down for.