Mum holding baby

Our Top 8 Picks for Every Type of Mum

Whether she's fast-paced or free-flowing, footloose or fancy-free, there's no one quite like Mum. Here are our top 8 picks for the hero in your life this Mother' Day.

The ‘fond of me-time’ mum

This mum has never been afraid or ashamed of declaring a bit of ‘me-time’. She’ll quite happily spend half the day in her robe and her bathroom is full of the kinds of pampering products you’ve never seen in Woollies. She taught you to value yourself and that you can’t look after others unless you’ve first looked after yourself.

Favourite things include: spending an uninterrupted afternoon with her favourite book, finding out her favourite moisturiser isn’t, in fact, discontinued after all!

You’ll most likely find her: Brewing herself a cuppa, doing the weekend crossword in her jammies, napping.

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The at-home chef mum

She delights in serving up home cooked deliciousness, sometimes to see the appreciative faces on her adoring family, mostly to satisfy her own cravings for culinary discovery and accomplishment. Her happy place can be found somewhere between quesadillas and choux pastry.

Favourite things include: poring through the pages of ‘Delcious’ and ‘Gourmet Traveller’, discovering there’s a vineyard in the Yarra Valley she hasn’t been to (yet), securing a last-minute booking at Benelong.

You’ll most likely find her: in the kitchen! (hers or someone else’s)…or the cellar. 

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The 'my-kids'-second-mum' Mum

She’s the kind of aunty who never has to be reminded when the kids’ school speech night is. Who can be found on just about every sideline of every netball or footy court on which your kids are playing. Who you can’t imagine how the hell you’d manage the chaos of kids without.  

Favourite things include: Getting her nails painted by her 4 year old nephew, being read her 7 year old niece’s latest masterpiece, drinking prosecco with their mum after they’ve gone to bed and laughing so hard bubbles come out her nose

You’ll most likely find her: Just about anywhere your kids are  

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The quality over quantity mum

You can’t fault the tastes of this mum. She doesn’t indulge often but when she does she makes sure it’s the best. Whether we’re talking about chocolate or her favourite after-hours tipple, she’ll always choose quality over quantity.

Favourite things include: Fresh butter on warm sourdough, that feeling of just-done hairdresser hair, the smell in the air the moment before it rains

You’ll most likely find her: with a wry smile on her face. 

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The best mate mum

She knows all the words to every Cyndi Lauper song ever written. Even though she’d always hang out with you and your girlfriends for a little too long every time they came to your house, secretly you were happy to have her around.

Favourite things include: karaoke, a two-hour long-distance phone call, shopping for Christmas gifts

You’ll most likely find her: Surrounded by friends. 

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Chanel Collections & Creations Luxury Hamper

The coordinated mum

Her ability to leave the house looking like she’s off for a photo shoot is unparalleled. You have no idea how it happens, but even the salad bowl she brings to the family BBQ (with Yotam Ottolenghi’s brilliantly replicated cauliflower salad inside) seems to be the perfect foil for her outfit that afternoon. If she wasn’t your mum you’d hate her.

Favourite things include: Offering her best self to the world, getting an eagle on the 17th hole, the crispy top of a crème brulee.

You’ll most likely find her: planning her holiday to the Maldives.  

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The solitude-seeking mum

Ever the giver, this mum is equally at home coaching the soccer team as she is curled up with a good book. It’s the latter she can’t get enough of, especially since her desire for some quiet time is always at odds with her need to give herself to others. This mum loves to see others succeed.

Favourite things include: Putting her feet up, reading bedtime stories, the latest true crime podcast series

You’ll most likely find her: snatching a quiet moment to herself just about anywhere.  

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The retired mum

It seems as though she just got back from her latest jaunt but now she’s telling you she’s off to Korea for three weeks! Just thinking about her travel schedule makes you tired (and you’ve got three children under 8!). She’s the living embodiment of ‘live every day as though it’s your last’.    

Favourite things include: contributing to her travel blog, bringing port she brought home from Portugal to last week’s Thursday night family dinner, telling you how much she misses her grandchildren.

You’ll most likely find her: spending your inheritance.