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The Best Father's Day Hampers 2022

In Australia, we celebrate our dads, grandpas, uncles, godfathers, etc. on the first Sunday of September every year. This year, Father’s Day falls on 4 September.

A lot is said, written, sung and dedicated to mothers, and rightly so. Without them, basically, the world wouldn’t turn, the sun wouldn’t shine and the birds wouldn’t sing. Get my gist? 

On the flipside, not so much fuss and ceremony is given to dads. Look, they have days like mums and get their fair share of the accolades, but I think the bulk of action clearly weighs in favour of the mamas of this world. Is this fair? Is this surprising?

With Fathers Day in Australia fast approaching I think there are a few things we can do to try and bridge this gap. Sure, there’s nothing like a mother’s love and it doesn’t come with an instruction manual, it comes with a mother - but it's high time those unsung heroes, the other pillars of the family get the recognition and kudos they deserve.

Not every family is blessed with a mother figure. But thankfully there are plenty of dads, pops, uncles and stepfathers that have taken the reins and stepped into the carer’s role. They have put convention, pride and traditional (archaic) roles aside to raise their family.

Some people say that dad stands for Dedicated And Devoted. Not always so, but if you have a top dad figure in your life, or if there’s someone in your life who is not just a father but a bonafide DAD, then Pamper Hamper Gifts have some amazingly appropriate hampers that you can give your special dad/pop/uncle/godfather/stepdad - no matter what kind of man he is or what his likes are.

Whether your dad is sporty, funny, handy or culinary, celebrate him this Father’s Day – Sunday 4th September 2022 - and show your love with the perfect Father's Day gift from Pamper Hamper Gifts.


Well, I’d say a great start to dad’s Father’s Day would be to serve him a delicious 5-star breakfast or brunch. A table full of dad's favorite dishes should get things rolling. How about impressing him with a spread of pancakes, eggs, toast and fruit — and finish it off with a good coffee (just how he likes it) and some orange juice! 

That should get him started for his special day, and this would be the ideal moment to hand dad his very special Father’s Day gift box.


At Pamper Hamper Gifts, we've put together a range of quality, affordable gift hampers that dad will love so you can spoil dad this Father's Day, because he deserves it!!

We have gifts that range from gourmet foods to quality Australian award-winning red, white and sparkling wines, as well as exellent tawny ports and beers, luxurious French champagnes and popular yet unique whiskies and spirits. To take things a step further, some of these alcohols have been paired with stylish Waterford crystal glassware that Dad can keep for years to come.

To be more specific, let’s start with Father’s Day wine hampers, Father’s Day whisky hampers and Father's Day beer hampers, as these three types of alcohol gift options are extremely popular for men.

What are the best gifts for wine lovers?

Choose from a great selection of well priced, Australian produced red, white, sparkling and organic wines. With highly recognised brands such as Robert Oatley, Tulloch, Ad Hoc, Gemtree (organic) and Georg Jensen being some of the more popular ones. If Dad hasn't tried any of these wines, gifts are a great way to introduce him to something new or different. If there’s a particular brand dad loves, contact us and we’ll try and source it for him.

Our Father’s Day wine hampers include gourmet food, sweet treats, men’s skin-care products with travel bags or Riedel or Waterford crystal glassware. 

What are the best gifts for whisky lovers?

“What whiskey will not cure, there is no cure for.” – Irish proverb

Whisky, or whiskey according to the US and Ireland, is a distilled alcoholic beverage made from fermented grain mash. Various grains (which may be malted) are used for different varieties, including barley, corn, rye, and wheat. Whisky is typically aged in wooden casks, which are often old sherry casks or may also be made of charred white oak.

You will find that our range of whiskies allow for some interesting choices. From popular blended whisky such as Johnnie Walker Black Label and Jameson to the single malt Glenmorangie and Glenfiddich.

We also have a very limited range of various top shelf whiskies in our Father’s Day baskets that we’ve paired with stylish Waterford crystal decanters and DOF tumblers (also know as Double Old Fashioned). These are top whiskies are for the Dad that wants to experience something different:

What are the best Father’s Day gift baskets for beer lovers?

Over the past decade, the Australian beer market has exploded with the introduction of craft beers and beer brewing kits. We are now spoilt for choice, which means dad is too.

We have a range of Father’s Day beer hampers from local Australian and International producers, as well as popular craft beers. Our beer-soaked Father's Day gift hampers include various types of ale, whether that's a tasty IPA, lager, stout or craft, these options should put a frothy smile on your father's face.

It’s funny how times change! When I was a kid, Father’s day was customarily all about socks, ties and cufflinks - traditional male gift ideas centered around themes like golf, cars, footy, beer and whisky. Fathers are more modern than just manly and the options for Father's Day gifting are moving in an exciting new direction.

What about other options?

At Pamper Hamper Gifts, we have a range of hampers to suit all likes and tastes from pamper hampers  to gourmet chocolate gift hampers. If you’re looking to spoil dad with a red wine hamper with dark chocolate we have the Premium Shiraz Cellar Wine Hamper which includes a bottle of Tulloch Hector Shiraz 2014 from the Hunter Valley. An excellent bottle of wine according to wine connoisseurs. 

If you’re looking for relaxing pamper gifts for dad, our Mr Metro Pamper Hamper is a clear winner. This is our best selling men’s hamper containing a navy microplush bathrobe, Australian made Charles + Lee skincare products and of course, some delicious Australian pistachio nuts and organic chocolate coated almonds.

We have meticulously tested, tried and selected each item we include in our hampers, using only the best quality products we can find. Best of all, our delivery service is fast and reliable and we deliver Father’s Day hampers Australia wide.


Father's Day is a time for kids to shower their dads with love and attention, but that doesn't mean that you're off the hook. In fact, it's equally important to show your husband just how thankful you are for all that he does for you and your children. 

Celebrate the best dad you know (just barely beating out your own) by giving your husband one of these unique Father's Day gifts — all of which are way more appropriate coming from his wife than his little ones. The kids can always make him a DIY Father's Day gift to show their love, right?

We have food and/or wine with popular cookbooks for the Dad who wants to be a Master Chef, to hone his skills on. Our range of male skin care products with travel bags are definitely worth considering as a father's day hamper for your husband.

Depending on his interests, there's also a selection of popular books we've included in some gift hampers that could be worth considering. These books are for enthusiasts that enjoy golfing, hiking, surfing, BBQing, beer and convertible cars. You’re sure to find the perfect gift for your husband on the Pamper Hamper Gifts website.


Never underestimate the power of a beautiful and thoughtfully wrapped gift. It adds class and gravitas to anything when there is glitz, sparkle and thought put into how something is presented.

At Pamper Hamper Gifts, we take great pride in our beautiful custom boxes and packaging. Part of the thrill of opening one of our luxury hampers is in the exquisite box. We will prepare Dad’s Father’s Day cards for you!!! Pure decadent luxury!