Unique Gift Ideas for Every Type of Mum

Unique Gift Ideas for Every Type of Mum

Finding the perfect Mother’s Day gift, be it for your mum, mother-in-law, wife, aunt, grandma, or other mother figure, can be hard especially if she says that she doesn’t want anything. If you're stuck for mothers day gift ideas, , think about choosing a gift based on her personality, preferences, and hobbies.

Unique Mother’s Day gift ideas that will make every kind of mum happy.

1. For Mums with a Sweet Tooth

For mums who love desserts, look no further because one of our Mother’s Day gift hampers has your back. Our Sweet Treats Mothers Day Hamper features Australian-made gifts for mums that include gourmet cookies, candies, and more. Sweet treats for a sweet mum, enough said.

2. For the Sporty Mum

If your mum loves sports or working out, wireless earphones, fitness equipment like a balance board, or some healthy foods are great Mother’s Day gifts. You can also opt for things that will soothe her sore muscles like herbal bath soaks, a back massager, an acupressure mat, and a massage gun.

3. For Mums with a Green Thumb

Gardening is therapeutic for some mums. If the same is true for your mum, we’re sure that she’ll appreciate being gifted any addition to her hobby. You don’t have to limit yourself to gardening tools. There are plenty of unusual kits that you’ll find on the internet. To give you some ideas, how about a kit with edible flowers, a mushroom log, an herbs collection, or a DIY hydroponics kit?

4. For Mums Powered by Coffee

Though motherhood is a blessing, it can be very tough too. Coffee becomes their best friend for that energy boost. Of course, some mums simply love the taste and aroma of this popular drink. Whichever one your mum is, you can make her coffee experience much more wonderful with a coffee subscription, high-tech coffee machine, or a mug that will maintain her coffee at a certain temperature.

5. For the Wine Lover Mums

A lot of women love wine for relaxing in the evening, as a complement to their book reading, or simply because of its sweet taste. If your mum enjoys drinking wine, a wine subscription that will send her a curated selection of fine wine every month is one mothers day wine gift idea. You should also check out some of our Mother’s Day wine hampers which feature Australian winery Pepper Tree’s wines. They even come with gourmet food gifts for mum which she can nibble on while enjoying her wine.