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Valentine's Gifting with Love

Ahhhhh love.  It’s a many splendoured thing.  It’s a drug. It’s the answer. It makes the world go round.

For decades… no, centuries, love has been the inspiration for just about everything.  No country or people has escaped the intoxifying effects of love.

As February 14 (the Western symbolic day celebrating love, Valentine Day) approaches, it seems that we are divided into two very distinct camps.  Those of us who embrace Valentines, and those of us who, well…don’t.

Many cynics have criticised the day for being a commercial invention - conjured up by greeting card companies or teddy bear factories, but there is no denying that it is a special day stirring up romance, lust, affection and love in all its various shapes and forms.

We don’t buy into the hype.  Yes, Valentines Day at Pamper Hamper Gifts is amazingly busy.  Not surprisingly because we have a hamper and a gifting solution to suit any relationship - whether you secretly admire someone you're longing to connect with or you're the hopeless romantic who goes all out for love - we guarantee that you will find a luxury Valentine’s Day hamper to suit your needs.

For us, Valentines Day is a further affirmation of how we as a species just can’t live without love. Yes, we should be loving and showing our love EVERY day of the year and yes, true love isn’t just about flowers or chocolates or stuffed baby gorillas with little devils horns, but its nice to know that there is one special day, a confirmed and celebrated occasion when we can shout out loud how in love we are and how much love and our loved ones mean to us.

There are so many different types of relationships to be celebrated, so many differing notions of love to be rejoiced an acknowledged, Valentine's Day can mean anything you want it to mean, and just like Christmas you can put whatever type of spin on it you like.

So, if you’re a hopeless romantic or hoping to ignite a romance, if you just want to tell someone special that you love them or you are celebrating decades of love, Pamper Hamper Gifts take the fuss and stress out of giving on Valentine's Day.  We even wrap, deliver and write the card! Can’t get much more simple than that! (it’s because we LOVE YOU!)

So, you keep seeing the cutie at the coffee shop.  You’ve exchanged pleasant chit chat and you know where they work.  You’re dying to ask them out.  Try the Georg Jensen Hallmark Cuvée Gift Hamper (everyone’s loves choccies right?)

She’s the mother of your children, the keeper of the house and a supportive and amazing partner.  How do you say “thank you my darling” and “I love you more than anything”? We like the Kyoto in Bloom Retreat Pamper Hamper with Moet Champagne.

He’s fun to be with, dead sexy and your best friend.  How do you tell your man that he is the one you EL OH VEE EE? With the Mr Metro Pamper Hamper.


and finally…. These days, we know relationships are complicated.  It’s not always easy, not always a walk in the park.  Sometimes its just nice to let someone know you care, that they are in your thoughts and that on this day dedicated to love,  they are amongst the privileged few that have a place in your heart. 

Say it with Moët & Chandon Champagne & Box of Chocolates.

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With love,

The PHG Team xoxo